How To Make a Poor Man’s Golf Bag Rain Cover

Wanna head out on the course knowing that you’re more prepared than a boyscout? Wanna push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable on the golf course? Then this project is for you. You’re just 4 steps away from transforming a garbage bag into its second most useful purpose (its first being ‘filling it with refuse’). Let’s get started.

Step 1

Take a trash bag. Preferably empty. Lay it out and cut off right-hand seam.









Step 2

Cut off left-hand seam.









Step 3

Open that sucker up. Looks a bit like a body bag. Also somewhat golf-bag shaped.









Step 4

Get a ziplock. Preferably empty. Roll up your new ultra-lightweight, 100% waterproof golf bag rain cover, place in bag. Chuck in two bungees, or some duct tape if you really wanna impress the ladies. If you’re a dirtbag, use packing tape (pictured). Don’t judge.




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