About Me

About the Sub Par Golfer

Not a pro, not a beginner but somewhere in between. I’ve been golfing since I was 5 years old and despite many attempts to escape golf’s lure, I’m still coming back for more. Being a young(ish) golfer with loads of experience under my belt, I believe that golf is much more intense, addicting, frustrating and gnarly than non-golfers give it credit for. I also knows that for most golfers, it’s not the polished, perfect, polite sport you see on TV and online.

Since I couldn’t find anyone talking about golf the way me and my golf buddies do (after all, golf is as heinously testing and cruel as it is hilarious and enjoyable), I wanted to share that side of this incredible game that few talk about but all golfers know.

Golf History

My grandmother got me into golf at 5 years old, and kept me interested in golf lessons the same way any adult keeps children interested in something inherently over their heads – with candy and ice-cream. 

Golfing at Waiehu Golf Course, MauiI played Junior Golf on Maui, regularly placing 8th (I’d like to think there were more than 8 of us participating but I can’t remember), until we moved to Colorado. I made varsity and played with our team for 4 years, breaking 90 once before I gave up the game for 10 years. I rediscovered golf when I moved to France, met a man who was into golf and realized you could drink beer and swear on the course – finally golf wasn’t all about being competitive and cutthroat. As a result, my handicap dropped from 24 to 14 over our 6-month season. Funny what enjoying a sport can do…

Chamonix, France is my new home course and I’ve been First Series Ladies’ Club Champion here 4 years running, from 2012 – 2015. I’m now a 7 handicapper and hope the numbers keep dropping.

Join me for inevitable four-letter expletives on the course, daft tips over a beer, and unashamed high-fives for even the smallest victories. Because like it or not, we’re all Sub Par Golfers.