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  • Golf in the Algarve

    We’d heard so much about golf in Portugal. So did it live up to the hype? We left Chamonix at an unholy 3am on Dec 5th. It was -9°C (15°F) and the idea that we would soon be outside in a t-shirt seemed too good to be true. We touched down, got our car and […]

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  • How to Keep Focused on Your Game

    It’s not always easy to keep focus during golf, especially when your golf buddies are hell-bent on jazz-handing their way into your consciousness. When you’re trying to hit the perfect shot or sink that clutch putt, a thoughtless cough, sneeze or muted shuffling through one’s bag could send you into a tailspin of frustration. Don’t […]

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  • New Golf Rules My Arse

    In case you haven’t already heard, the R&A and USGA have come up with a list of proposed rule changes to the game of golf. Now, I’ve spent a lot of my available mental memory storing these rules and regs (to the detriment of remembering names of people I’ve known for less than three years). […]

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    PAR WARS: ROUND 8 The Sub Par Golfer’s Account After working all morning, we were at ends for something to do on this uneventful Maui day, so Phil suggested we go golfing. I’m normally ok with an impromptu round, but when it “counts” I like to have some warning because when it’s a grab-n-go match I […]

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    PAR WARS: ROUND 7 The Sub Par Golfer’s Account Round seven already? Wow. We had just got back from the Big Island the night before and slept 12 hours to combat the previous day’s 2:15am wake-up so we could hike to a glowing lava flow before sunrise. If you’ve read any of this blog before […]

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    PAR WARS: ROUND 6 ROUND SIX The Sub Par Golfer’s Account Today we were back at Maui Nui playing with our buddy Bud, the amazing 82-year old man who for at least 15 years has shot his own age, which when you start to think about it is an amazing feat and the first person I’d met who had […]