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  • New Golf Rules My Arse

    In case you haven’t already heard, the R&A and USGA have come up with a list of proposed rule changes to the game of golf. Now, I’ve spent a lot of my available mental memory storing these rules and regs (to the detriment of remembering names of people I’ve known for less than three years). […]

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  • Compétition de Noël

    It’s not often you get the chance to play golf in Chamonix around Christmas. Normally the course is already under a few feet of snow and sprinkled with its first layer of ‘dog business.’ This season, however, it’s prime golf time. The course had shut in early November after a super-dump of snow but since there had been […]

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  • The Ultimate Golf Competition?

    18 holes, five courses, and a shit-ton of wine. If your club isn’t holding a “Gastronome” competition, it bloody well should be. “Gastronome” literally translated means “gourmet” and there is no better way to describe this competition, which, even with a 50€ entry fee, fills up within ten minutes of being able to sign up. Basically, every […]

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  • Golf for Thickies

    I have a surprising amount of friends who don’t know A THING about golf, despite my repeated attempts to talk ceaselessly about it at dinner parties. These are educated, well-read people, but when it comes to golf they’re more Clueless than Alicia Silverstone – in Blast from the Past (he’s been underground since 1965, idiot!). […]

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  • Maui Nui Golf Course Review

    Maui Nui Golf Course Lucky enough to visit Maui? Then there’s a course you should know ’bout. Maui Nui is the poor man’s Kapalua Golf Course. Now, it’s nowhere near PGA level difficulty and it’s changed its name more times than Prince, but with sea views, wide fairways and an affordable price (especially after 2pm), it’s […]