How to Keep Focused on Your Game

It’s not always easy to keep focus during golf, especially when your golf buddies are hell-bent on jazz-handing their way into your consciousness.

When you’re trying to hit the perfect shot or sink that clutch putt, a thoughtless cough, sneeze or muted shuffling through one’s bag could send you into a tailspin of frustration. Don’t let it get to you.

Here’s a fun game to help desensitize you to outside influence!

Before you tee off with your favorite golf buddies, everyone will agree that all bets are off when it comes to making as distracting a noise as possible at any point during the game. Mid back-swing, 2-foot putts, sand shots – it’s all on. Now you don’t have to disrupt others on the course to get into your buddies’ head – a well-timed personal insult or juvenile playground name-calling can really test one’s mettle. And in the end giving it out is as fun as getting it.

The point is to be prepared for anything and everything for an extended period of time, and after a few holes you’ll find there’s nothing your buddies can say that will shake you. And that’s when you put on your zen hat and calmly realize you can handle pretty much any distraction on and off the course.*

*Except what your friend John said about your wife on the 7th… what a complete d-bag.

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