Au Revoir, Adios, Aloha

The snow has just arrived in Chamonix, and while there are probably more days of sunshine to come before full-blown winter, we can’t wait that long. So we’re packing our junk and heading for the heat. MAUI, HERE WE COME.

Snow Descending on Chamonix in November

Because we’re dirtbag golfers, we’ve decided to opt out of an extra baggage charge and simply take a half set each to Maui. Seven clubs a piece, including a putter. This strategy has loads of benefits –

  1. Costs less. We take one golf travel bag, and share our second checked bag for clothes. Who EVER uses all the clothes they take on holiday? No one. (Except probably us, this time.)
  2. Less to lug around. Anyone who has to take 3-4 flights to get where they’re going knows that carrying more than one giant bag each is out of the question. Even with those awkward luggage carriers to depend on, it can be a total pain in the ass between passport checks, agriculture inspection, blah blah blah. Fewer massive bags is always better.
  3. You get creative. Taking a half set is great for your golf game. Instead of choosing the exact right club for the shot, you have to manufacture shots and rely on feel a bit more. Choke down for a shorter approach with a 7-iron, do a half-shot 9-iron to punch it in to the green, or just look at the target and ‘feel’ how hard you need to hit. You don’t really need all those clubs, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

Serious Putting at Maui Nui Golf CourseThis trip will also signify the start of the Third
Bi-Annual PAR WARS competition between Phil (my boyfriend) and myself in Hawaii. Every time we travel to Maui we have a competition to see who can win the most rounds of golf while we’re there. Matchplay. Net scores.

Now, it’s a bit of a sore subject, but… so far I’ve kicked Phil’s ass each time. Maybe it’s because I grew up playing on the Bermuda grass that’s Golfing at Waiehu Golf Course, Mauiused there, or maybe it’s just cause I’m ridonkulously competitive. We’ll see. Either way we both wanna smash each other on the course, and we’re raring to play some brilliant courses in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun. So that’s what we’re gonna do.

Check back for PAR WARS, coming soon.

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