Maui Nui Golf Course Review

Maui Nui Golf Course

Lucky enough to visit Maui? Then there’s a course you should know ’bout. Maui Nui is the poor man’s Kapalua Golf Course. Now, it’s nowhere near PGA level difficulty and it’s changed its name more times than Prince, but with sea views, wide fairways and an affordable price (especially after 2pm), it’s becoming a local favorite.

Double Water Hazard at Maui Nui Golf Course

With prices as low as $25 for non-residents here, cart included, you really can’t go wrong. It’s lush, the views are stunning, and they serve Maui Brewing Company beer in the Snack Cart. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

Maui Brewing Company, Bikini Blond in a Golf Cart

As an added bonus, Maui Nui has their very own cat hole where loads of strays hang out and act cute for scraps of your sandwich. It’s meow-dorable… Don’t like cats? Well just remember, cats like Top Flite balls even less than you do.*

The Cat Hole at Maui Nui Golf Course

The course itself is beginner-friendly as it’s not massively strategic. Their website even describes the course as combining “fairness with challenge and is suitable for any player or skill-level.” That means it’s great for your first round of ‘holiday golf’ because you play the wide fairways and big greens and feel like you’re Tiger freakin’ Woods. But if you happen to catch it on a windy day, you better have some low-flight shots in your bag.

9th Hole at Maui Nui Golf Course

Lining Up a Clutch Putt at Maui Nui Golf Course

Being a bit of a dirtbag golfer, price is pretty key for me, and this course always feels like pretty good value. Facilities are in good shape, the carts are all GPS’d up, and while you’re not paying a lot you end up feeling like you’ve just played a proper Hawaii golf course. I mean, the views. Daaaaamn.

18th Tee at Maui Nui Golf Course

Sunset on Maui Nui Golf Course

Serious Putting at Maui Nui Golf Course

The best time to play is after 3:30pm when the cheaper rates kick in, and just as you finish adding up your score and your first beer is being set down in front of you, you look out from the club restaurant and the sky is starting to turn red and orange, and the palm trees are silhouetted like a tourist shop postcard. It’s amazing.

Golf Swing at Maui Nui Golf Course
Sunset at Maui Nui Golf Course

TOP TIP: Do like the Locals and bring a cooler of beer for tailgating afterwards.

*That was a joke, don’t hit cats with golf balls.**

**Unless it’s self-defense.

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