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Today we were back at Maui Nui playing with our buddy Bud, the amazing 82-year old man who for at least 15 years has shot his own age, which when you start to think about it is an amazing feat and the first person I’d met who had done so. He was heading back to Canada the next day so we were going to try to enjoy ourselves – for his sake. OK, by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’.

We decided to play off the reds and whites this time, so it would be more easy, enjoyable golf. When we got to Phil’s second shot of the day we realized my rangefinder was out of battery and the carts only read out yards. I can figure out the distance in meters, but it always feels odd being without an ultra-accurate reading from the rangefinder. I suppose not having it (like only having a half set of clubs) is ultimately good for my golf.

After three holes I was two-up but on the 4th. Phil lost his ball and I thought the hole was a guarantee. But a three-putt and a
sand shot (even though it was decent) lost me the hole.

I got a shot back up on the 5th with a par and when I continued a string of four more pars I was four-up at the end of nine holes and three-over par gross. Boom. The shot that seemed to keep coming up and getting me close was a 100-110 meter shot with my 9-iron. Saved me today.

Phil came fighting back (as he has been doing a lot lately) with a birdie on the 10th and beat me on 11 to get back to two-down. I answered back when I sunk a good putt for birdie on the 13th and we were back to three-up. A par for me and bogie for Phil pretty much sealed the deal. Phil was dormy-four (four-up with four to play, so he had to win every hole just to halve the match). 

We both parred 15 and the match was over. Phew. I hate to say it but I was really happy to win. I hadn’t outright won a match in ages so it was a relief to remember I could win. And on the 15th to boot. In any case I ended with another birdie which was ace, and a good way to solidify the win. I shot a 76 (five over par here), my second round in the 70s on Maui and my best round so far of this PAR WARS. Phil shot 78, a very good round, but just didn’t score at the right time. BACK TO SQUARE!!

Alright, let’s keep the momentum eh? Next round after our trip to the Big Island!



PHIL: 3.5



November 30th and we were back at Maui Nui. Our Canadian friend Cheryl had returned home so we were playing with another of our Canuck friends, Bud.

Bud is 82 years old and the previous week had scored his age. Not the first time either we found out. Apparently, he’s been doing it regularly since he was 70 years old. 

Anyway, today I was playing from the whites so I would have to give Michelle 2 shots – on the 2nd and 18th.

I didn’t get off to a good start and just seemed to be topping all my iron shots.  I bogeyed the 1st, parred the 2nd, bogeyed the 3rd. I was 2 down after 3. Michelle made a mess of the 4th but then played 5 straight pars and I could only manage 2 so went around the turn with Michelle standing 4 up. I had to pull something out the bag on the back 9 otherwise it was going to be an early shower for me.

The back 9 started well for me with a birdie and a par to put me back to just 2 holes down but then Michelle played the next 4 holes 1 under par to put her in the comfortable position of dormy 4. We halved the next hole so she won fair and square 4 and 3.

I accepted it graciously and didn’t have a 48 hours hissy fit like my opponent had done previously. The running score now put us all even. I couldn’t be too pissed off with today’s performance. Fair enough, I had a piss poor front 9 but I’d played level par on the back 9 and finished with a respectable 78. It was not enough to catch Michelle though who shot 76.



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