Learn When It’s Time to Take a Break From Golf

Ugh. Sometimes golf is a complete pain.

I can hear some of you now, sarcastically whining “oh no, you have to play GOLF, you poor thing…” — well yeah, good point, but also, shaddup. Yes, it’s a privilege to play golf, yadda yadda yadda. But I can still complain. Why? It’s my blog.

Sometimes, after a string of bad golf, where you’re completely lost as to what you need to do to swing well again, you can’t bear to drag yourself out on that course for another round of disappointment. So my advice? DON’T.

Unplayable Lay
The dreaded “Tree Crotch” lay, an unplayable ball that can send even the most motivated golfer into a tailspin.

“You’re booked in at 2:30, can you play?” a golf buddy asks. Ugh. “I guess.” We’ve all done it. Then as we stand on the first tee, lining up the first shot of a 5-hour commitment, and we can’t get rid of the thought “I really don’t want to be here right now,” and then the next 18 holes quickly become a long trudge into misery. We just have to remember it’s ok to pass up a round, especially when you’re not into it.

Playing when you’re not enthusiastic can be about as fun as attending a timeshare presentation. And not to mention counterproductive as hell. It’s hard enough to hit a ball right when you’re 100% committed but try it when you’re floppy, apprehensive and frustrated. Never gonna happen.

So the thing to do — take a page from the sugar-pushing advertising people at Kit Kat and take a break. Wait until you’re chomping at the bit again before you go out. Added bonus? Your golfing buddies will thank you for it, cause there’s nothing worse than walking around with ‘Captain Buzzkill’ for 5 hours when you don’t wanna be there…


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