Yesterday, for the second time this year, I shot plus 5 at Chamonix Golf Course. Not an easy feat, as anyone who’s played here can tell you. With our course slope, a 7.9 handicapper should be given 9 strokes from the blue ladies’ tees, so shooting 5 over par is pretty damn good (if I do say so myself. Which I just did).


My golf wasn’t spectacular. Driving was decent, 77% fairways hit. Only 39% greens in regulation (derp… needs work). Short game – chipping, approach shots, etc. – was shockingly bad. Knifing it through green, nothing got anywhere close enough for a tap-in. But I kept things in play, never had worse than a bogie, and my putting was better than normal – 29 putts over 18 holes.

I think the key for me yesterday was just relaxing and trying NOT to think about my swing. Watching the last Presidential Debate just before golf helped! Kept my mind busy thinking what the fuck is going on, and how the hell did we get to the point where someone like Trump is running for President. But I digress. The only thing I kept repeating was to pause at the top of my swing. That gave my body a chance to get ahead of my hands and get good club lag. Which is how I was getting my once-lost 230-meter drives back. Thank gawd for that.

The season’s almost over (it’s 0°C here this morning – fekking freezing!), and winter greens will be out soon (lame), so it’s been nice to end on some good scores. Plus I won 10€. Just hope the swing keeps going for when we get to Maui. Only 20 days left… and then you’ll be seeing a lot of this here:

Beachside Golf at Ka'anapali Golf Course

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