We got robbed.

I love Finale. 

I’d consider moving here part-time, even. The only thing I don’t like about Finale, is the %#$@ing thieves.

The last time we came to Finale, Phil was pick-pocketed at the Thursday market and they got away with his iPhone. Not long before that, our friends had their van broken into in broad daylight in a big public carpark. Come to think of it, just about everyone we know who’s been to Italy has been robbed at least once. We knew this, and still it happened again.

Fun on the beach, probably just as they were breaking in!

We were having a great time on the beach! Until we weren’t.

Knowing what we knew, imagine our surprise-not-surprise when we came back from the beach 50 feet away and someone had busted our lock, ran in, opened a couple cupboards and ran out. We did an instant inventory check. Vital stuff still there – phew. Most of our really important items were missed but the ‘Dirty Bandits’ had stolen our stinky, dirty mountain bike bags and my dirty laundry hamper. Weirdos.

They also got away with my empty purse and a random bag of tat I hadn’t been able to tidy away yet. In our bike bags were all our bike tools, pumps, and my brand new Garmin which had been my birthday present just a few months ago.

Thankfully it seems they were interrupted or only had a couple of seconds to search – otherwise they’d have gotten away with a lot more. Phil had a whole hamper of dirties they could have gotten away with had they thought to look a little longer.

The Sticky-Fingered Seafront

In a way it’s lucky.

We didn’t lose much and now we know to be extra vigilant. It was the ONE time we didn’t lock one secondary lock, and the one time we weren’t checking the van every five minutes from the beach, but that’s all it takes. We’re still kicking ourselves for being that little bit slack, which isn’t easy when you’re wearing your second-string underwear (#nopunintended #okpunintended).

In any case, these photos pretty much summed up the mood for the next few days.

Un-Happy Campers

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  1. Sounds like you need a security alarm. Haha

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