How To Keep Motivated When You’ve Just F***ed Your Card

You’ve just rocked up to a great course, with a world of possibilities in front of you, and you get a goddamn triple on the first. Sometimes you start to think, “That’s it, I’m screwed.” Sometimes you think, “OK, bad first hole but I’ll try to recover.” Because remember that time you had an awful first hole, and then you went on to have one of your best scores ever? That could happen today! Keep yer chin up!

Keeping Motivated When You've F***ed Your CardAnd then despite attempting to keep it together, an unstoppable shitstorm of bad golf ensues. You can recover from a double bogie, shoot, you can recover from a few crappy holes, but when it really (really) goes tits up, you can either start breaking clubs over your knee, or you can try to start and play another game.

First you’ve got to forget your card.

It’s over. It’s done. Write it off. Screw it.

Time to set smaller goals.

Try to keep from crying or punching anything. Then think “OK I’m going to shoot plus one over the next three holes,” or “I’m going to do no worse than bogie on the next three holes” — make it something semi-achievable based on your level of golf of course, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for more self-flagellation.

If that works…

try extending your run to 6 holes. Have a terrible front 9? Try beating that awful score on the back 9 – can’t be that hard can it?! Can’t hit an iron? Forget your irons and focus on what happens on the greens. Try to 1 and 2-putt everything. I realize we’re always trying to do this, but we’re not always really focused on that single task, so now’s the time to try.

These are, admittedly, small victories –

but hell, you’ve paid for 18 holes of golf, so make something of it. Plus, as we all know, sometimes when you throw in the towel and stop caring, you start to play the golf you should be playing. Worth a shot anyway.

Sometimes even giving up doesn’t work.

Did you still have a terrible round? Never ever played so abysmally bad? Want to go all harikari on yourself with a blunt golf club? Maybe it’s time to take a break. 

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